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Updated: Nov 2, 2022


When I had an encounter with heaven during a worship time in January 2013, I saw myself in heaven watching the great cloud of witnesses sitting around a table. The table was not round, but with four corners.

They were discussing what is to be happening on the four corners of the earth. It was very

clear, that they are agreeing with what the Father already pre-ordained and it was made

clear to me, that I needed to agree with what Heaven has already planned.

Your will be done, Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven...

Unity in agreement. How can two walk together unless they agree?

Jesus prayed for this kind of unity (see John 17)

We must agree with heaven, which means, with what God has already planned and

prepared beforehand. There are good works for you to walk out, since you are His


Ephesians 2:10 "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which

God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."

What are you agreeing with? Unfruitful thoughts and negative attitudes?

Be released, receive God's joy, His will and purposes for your life and be strengthened.

Do you believe, that the joy of the Lord is your strength?


I also saw a white sheet with four corners released from heaven upon the earth.

What does that mean?

Peter had an encounter while praying and falling into a trance. He saw the sheet coming

down three times filled with insects and creeping things. The Lord said to Peter, "kill and

eat." Of course, he did not want to, because he never touched such animals.

The Lord was showing him to not call unclean what He was calling clean.

Which prepared him to go to Cornelius' house, who was a Gentile, when he was called.

Peter as a Jew was not allowed to go to a Gentiles' home. But he understood, after this

encounter, that God called him to.

Therefore, Cornelius' household was saved and the Spirit fell upon the Gentiles, as it was

happening to the Jews. (see Acts 10)

God is moving mightily and creatively and we need to take heed to what He is doing in this

hour, and trust Him. He has a perfect plan for your life and He will lead and guide you

with one eye upon you at all times. Just move with Him in unity!

Don't trust tradition or religion, but a pure, intimate, trustworthy relationship with the

Lord. Look to Him and do as Jesus did, doing only what He saw and heard His Father do.

The sheet is released over the nations to bring salvation and redemption;

the culmination of a Great Harvest of Souls.

I saw rivers in deserts starting to flow. The river of God released in the dark and dry

places of the earth - in this hour.

The Great Awakening experienced all over the globe will be sustained and never end until

the Great Harvest of Souls has been reaped.

"Go and make disciples of all nations.." Matthew 29:18

The Lord has prepared many, who truly laid down their lives for the sake of the Lord's

calling, in order to sustain an unprecedented move of God all over the globe.


The four corners of the earth are being watched. The watcher angels have been released to

help bringing in salvations and to open up the ancient fountains. The places in the earth

where there were divine visitations and those who have not had any, will all be visited in

this hour.




It is like a heavenly, holy convocation as they are sitting at the table. We need to come

together around the Lord's table and come into agreement over what the Lord has spoken!

Look around and see what the Lord is doing and agree with HIM.


Gabriele Gilpin

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