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Before You GO - Have you never been on a mission trip? Here some tips and a Daily Devotional

This daily devotional is designed for those who never been on a short term mission trip, as well as those who have gone many times. Your preparation for a short term mission represents a huge opportunity to condition yourself "to be ready in season and out of season".

Preparation for a short term mission includes getting a passport, purchasing a traveler's insurance and packing the right clothes, and other things.

It also involves three significant things:

1) Prepare your heart and soul.

Before you go, examine your heart. Why do you want to go to another nation?

How intimate and close is your walk with the Lord?

Furthermore, do you have the love of God in your heart for these people?

Have you spent time interceding for this nation?

A team that is prepared in heart and unified will leave an eternal impact.

2. Prepare your mind

You probably will have many questions about what is going to happen during this mission trip.

How will people react to you?

What are the tools needed? Are you equipped and trained to do the work of the ministry?

(see Ephesians 4)

It is very important to remain peaceful. Not to be anxious, but to pray and give all to the Lord, and

the peace that passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

(see Philippians 4:7)

3. Prepare your body

Prepare by eating right, exercising, get enough sleep and learn about the physical challenges that

may await

Heat? Clean water? Bugs? Exertion required?

These are the tips and now check out the daily devotions for 5 days...

Click here for the devotionals


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