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During a time of devotion I was prompted to read Psalm 116:7 and the part about:

“Return to your rest, O my soul,”

was highlighted to me. David knew what to do hen he left the Rest of God and told his soul to return to its rest. We are in need to learn how to rest in the Lord!

Further down in verse 13, I read: “I will take up the cup of salvation”. I asked the Lord to show me what it really means to partake of the cup of salvation! Soon I was in the middle of a vision. In this vision Jesus stood in front of me with the cup of salvation in his right hand.

We were in the Garden under an apple tree and I was gazing at His awe-inspiring face. He had a huge smile on His face.

Then Jesus took my right hand and we began to run through the fields....

for more click below to listen to the YouTube message...

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