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Indulging on the Lord and Feasting on Spiritual Nourishment

Today I published a message with above title and below is an excerpt from it.


Instead of only focusing on “downsizing” and worldly issues…let’s indulge on the Lord and feast on spiritual food and nourishment….

  • indulge on His goodness

  • feasting at His table

  • indulge soaring as an eagle in the heavenly realm while praising the Lord

  • being caught away while worshiping

  • praying in the Spirit and singing a new song being caught up in the rhythm of heaven

  • overabundance of the time spend with the Lord receiving His fatness, His anointing

  • an overabundance of lovely thoughts towards Him and with your mind fixed on Him

  • overabundance of reading and meditating His Word, actually becoming a part of eating His flesh and drinking His blood, being united with the Living Word

  • indulging on positioning yourself to receive visions and dreams from the Lord

  • overabundance of intercession birthed by the Holy Spirit.. weeping and carrying His heart

  • profuse enjoyment by walking (barefoot) on the grass or sand while enjoying the Father’s handiwork

  • abundant rejoicing while setting time apart and giving your body as a living sacrifice experiencing His freedom and overflowing life

Start focusing on indulging and upgrading your spiritual nourishment!

The Lord desires to fatten up your soul with godly input.



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